Memory is critical to our daily lives. Mild memory loss due to age is normal, but progressive memory loss can be serious.  Here are a few yogic techniques to improve memory and concentration “If you can sit under pomegranate tree and do these 2 asanas “Bakasana and Paschim-uthan-asana” – you will see 10 times improvement in yourself. ” These techniques will definitely help you:


“20 Minutes of Yoga Improves Brain Function” Researchers have found that just 20 minutes of hatha yoga followed by few asanas, conscious breathing and meditation significantly improves concentration and working memory. These are the yoga asanas you can do.

  1. Tree Stand Pose: It enables your brain to calm down and increases the intensity of concentration.
  2. Padmasana: It keeps your mind calm, thereby helps in sharpening your thinking and memory skills. You can also read about Padma Sadhana Yoga.
  3. Vajrasana: This is one of the basic yoga that provides you with loads of benefits.  This yoga effectively increases your memory, concentration level, and analytical skills.
  4. Sirshasana: The headstand is one of the most powerfully beneficial postures for both the body and mind. It rests the heart and aids in circulation. Improves memory and concentration.Abundant blood is supplied to the brain when practice sirshasana, thus improving memory and increasing intellectual powers.


Pranayama Indian Yoga Girl Sumedha

Helps prevent memory loss by strengthening the subtle nerve currents along the spine and the brain while restoring memory loss. If practiced for a few minutes daily, can help restore imbalances in the brain, calm your emotional state, improve sleep, calm your nervous system, and is like a reboot to the brain as your thinking will become clearer.


Mudra Indian Yoga Girl Sumedha

Gyan Mudra helps in concentrating and is the best remedy. The Mudra helps in stimulating the brain and makes the flow of blood easy thereby helps in solving the loss of memory problems. It activates brain neurons, enhancing memory and concentration.


meditation indian yoga girl bangalore

Meditation trains the mind to become clear, focused and one-pointed. Meditation is one of the best mind exercises to relieve tension and to attain peace of mind. Gyan Mudra is a powerful method that allows you to concentrate and find the inner peace in a spiritual way.



  1. Dark Chocolate: The flavonoids found in dark chocolates are said to stimulate the functioning of blood vessels in your brain, which in turn boosts your memory and helps you remember better.
  2. Nuts: They contain an abundance of Vitamin E, Vitamin 6, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These nutrients are vital to protect your brain from free radicals and improve your nervous system. Some of the best will be walnuts and almonds. Eating nuts every day can help boost your memory power.
  3. Raisins: Asians make it a practice to eat raisins during exam weeks. It is proven to enhance your brain memory and help our brains focus when you study or revise. Raisins contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and a load of antioxidants. These nutrients increase your cognitive function which in turn enables our brains to absorb information faster.
  4. Avocado: Rich with monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids, avocados promotes a good blood flow to your brains
  5. Spinach: Spinach slows down the aging of brains and enhances your DNA. It is rich with iron, one of the essential nutrients for memory power. Eating spinach on daily basis is said to help regulate your blood flow.
  6. Okra: It’s another ultimate memory-enhancing food.

A few more yogic techniques to improve memory and concentration

  1. Get sufficient sleep: To ensure that our brains operate at its full capacity, we must first get sufficient sleep. It is very critical to learning and comprehending the info that you receive. Without proper sleep, your critical thinking skills become distorted and your memory power becomes decreased. Hence, sleep is the key.
  1. Pay attention: When you listen to something or read an information, make sure to pay attention to it. Establish a communication with it in such way that you are able to decode that information. Research shows that it takes about 8 seconds of deep focus on a piece of information to process into your memory.

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Hope this helps!