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Connect inwards to connect outwards. Do you want to explore a deeper connection to yourself or the people around you? Yoga is so much more than the asana practice. It is a gateway to discovering yourself, whether you are interested in teaching yoga or simply looking for a deep dive within. The connection to yourself then opens the path to connect with everyone around you.

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What is available to you from this training?

  • A practice to see yourself as an observer.

  • Experience each and every emotion without fighting it – whether it be joy, anger, sadness or any other.

  • The ability to recognize how, more often than not, you can choose joy.

  • A pathway to clear space within to open up more fully and provide space to your students and/or community.

Why this training?

  • You get a deeper dive into the culture and history of yoga with most of the training coming from Indian teachers who grew up with yogic philosophies and the scriptures.

  • A clear understanding of what is yoga and how you can teach/practice it with an appreciation of it’s history and culture, and thus avoid appropriating it.

  • Our body is very much part of who we are in this moment. It is important to understand that our bodies are unique. You get to explore the connection of your mind and your body with an exploration of the anatomy of the asana practice, pranayama & meditation.

  • You learn from teachers who have practiced various styles of yoga and teach from an open space of exploration.

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TO ENROLL: Complete the Application Form


Enrollment is now open, and early bird rates are effective through 12/01/22.

  • Early bird registration (before 12/1/22) - $2,895 + $50 Application Fee

  • Late registration (after 12/1/22) - $,3400 + $50 Application Fee

  • Optional Unlimited Studio Membership (01/15/23-04/15/23) - $250

  • ​REFUND POLICY (does not include $50 application fee)

  • - Prior to 11/01/22, full refund minus $200
    - After 11/01/22 50% refund
    - After 12/01/22, NO refunds

PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR BIPOC Mind.Body.Hum is dedicated to equity and inclusion for all. We offer two scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. To be considered, please email and share why you qualify with a personal note of consideration, including anything you would like us to know about you. These scholarships will be awarded first come, first serve. - Cost of a scholarship is $1,450- We ask that to apply if your annual income is below $75k- These are awarded first come basis and require full payment

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This outlines some things you can expect to learn as part of this program.

  • A deep dive into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the 8-limbed path.

  • Anatomy of your body and how it relates to the asana practice.

  • Pranayama practices as taught in India.

  • Different styles of meditation.

  • History of yoga and its evolution in modern times.

  • Intro to Sanskrit.

  • Cultural appreciation vs. appropriation.

  • An exploration of some of the popular styles/lineages of yoga.

  • Clear language around teaching with the intent of being inclusive.

  • Learning about the subtle body through an exploration of the chakras.

  • An overview of Ayurveda.

  • Intro to chanting.

  • Considerations for sequencing.

  • Learning to teach a set sequence.

  • Hands-on assists and clarity on why, when, and how to use them.

  • The business of yoga.



Ashish grew up in India in an environment where the scriptures and the Bhagavad Gita were very much part of life. He briefly practiced asana in Elementary school. He learned Sanskrit for 5 years in Middle and High school. He got back to the asana practice in Jan 2015 when his employer, Nintendo, introduced power yoga classes to their office gym. He started the practice to get fitter, coming from a sedentary lifestyle, but almost right away, the practice brought him a reconnection to his roots. The same year he completed his first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

After spending 16 years as an engineer in the computer and video game industry, he decided to take a break and teach yoga. The deeper he dove in, the more he was convinced this is what he wanted to do. Yoga had changed his approach to life, opening a new pathway to an almost constantly lived joy. He wanted to bring it to others. 

He has been teaching weekly ever since with as many as 20 classes/week. He has maintained his regular practice no matter how much he has taught. He has multiple 200 and 500-hour trainings with teachers ranging from Baron Baptiste to Tiffany Cruikshank(Yoga Medicine) and Annie Carpenter. He strongly believes there’s always more to learn. 

He has been part of multiple YTTs in Seattle and other cities. He has assisted and led trainings ranging from Asana and assisting, to philosophy & history of yoga. He feels imparting the right tools to teachers is a powerful way to spread the true meaning of yoga beyond the asana. He believes practicing from a deeper understanding of yoga can lead to a deeper connection to oneself, opening the path to a deeper connection to others.

Ashish teaches with a smile and brings his fun personality to his teaching, just like his own practice. He weaves in yogic philosophy while leading a challenging, but not too serious asana practice. 


Sumedha is a yoga educator, mediation teacher, and multi-hyphenate creative who is helping you live your best — stronger, flexible, free, and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully. Apart from Asanas, she is a big fan of  Pranayama. When we work on freeing the breath through pranayama (breathing exercises) we are also working on letting the life energy flow through the body. It has the effect of energizing, relaxing the body, and letting everything fall into place. She grew up in an environment where reading Scriptures, Mantras, and Bhagavad Gita were very much part of life. 

She is inspired by how the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Mindfulness can help heal from the inside and make us feel alive, present, and healthy. 

Sumedha has studied extensively with master's teachers in India and the U.S. She has done a double Master’s degree with one in Yoga as a “Master’s in Yoga Sciences and Consciousness.” and another in International Business from the UK. She is ex-Microsoft. 

She began teaching in 2012, drawing most from her training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Restoratives, and Ayurveda. Her use of creative, alignment-based sequencing with a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration provides a safe space for her students to let go of the outside world and heal the body from the inside out. 

With gratitude and sweetness, Sumedha shares the delights of Yoga. She teaches weekly classes, and workshops in various studios in Seattle and online classes for International students.


Elena is a Seattle-based movement specialist and yoga teacher whose mission is to empower individuals in their movement practice. She studied anatomy and the biomechanics of yoga under internationally acclaimed teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Richelle Ricard, and Jules Mitchell in her endeavor to understand the intricate beauty of the human body.

Over the course of her career, Elena assisted in advanced anatomy trainings and led anatomy modules in yoga. She's also a certified Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, which is basically a fancy title for basically being a huge anatomy geek. She delights in helping people find joy in their own movement by supporting self-inquiry and autonomy.

She currently specializes in yoga for athletes and those with ability/injury-specific needs. Her clientele ranges from professional and high-performance athletes to individuals simply looking to move and feel better in their bodies.

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