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  • 1. How did you get started with yoga?
    My journey with Yoga started with Bikram Yoga in Bellevue, WA, where I used to practice after working during the day at Microsoft. I loved the practice of Yoga and how it brought peace, balance, and calmness to my thoughts and gave me a sense of purpose. I fell in love with it and was determined to take it to the next level. I left my job and moved to Bangalore, India, to learn the Yoga sciences and advanced Asanas to deepen my practice and attain mastery.
  • 2. What kind of training have you pursued?
    I have completed a master's in Yoga Sciences from SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Deemed University). I got certified in 500 hr in Traditional Hatha from Yoga Chakra in Rishikesh (RYS) and have completed the teacher training to master Yoga. In addition, I have also completed 50 hours of Yin Yoga from Aayana yoga in Rishikesh, 200 hr Immersion Iyengar Training from “The center of Yoga Seattle” in Seattle, and 300 hr Power Vinyasa from Akshar Power Yoga in Bangalore.
  • 3. How would you describe your teaching style method?
    I love introducing creative sequencing, playfulness, and inspiration to deepen the practice. I customize my practice to suit the individual needs of my students. I help students build a deeper connection with their souls through their breath. My teaching style is fluid and dynamic with a focus on awareness of breath, mind, and emotions. When this practice is approached with mindfulness and intention, it has the power to transform you on a deeper level, beyond the physical. My intention for every class that I teach, whether in person or virtually, is for you to bring attention to your inner world. In our day-to-day classes, we explore asanas ( postures) with precise alignments and give pranic energies to the areas with the right kind of intuitive observation. We end our session with healing savasana followed by meditation or Mantra chanting. Scanning the body, Scanning the breath pattern, and leaving the practice with a clear sense of how to listen to your own body in a new breath pattern and a new way of seeing the same things.
  • 4. What do you find rewarding about being a yoga instructor?
    I love it when my students reclaim their inner beauty, awaken deep purpose, and cultivate vibrant health through yoga. I get inspired by seeing them become the best version of themselves. I love seeing the growth, healing, transformation, and evolution in my students.
  • 5. What is one piece of advice you always give your students?
    Deep breaths are love notes to your body. Connect with your breath to connect with your true self. I help them find a deep anchor in a soft and steady breath through challenges on the safe space of a yoga mat and then invite them to translate it into daily life and relationships. I explain to them that Happiness comes from within. From my experience, the key to lasting happiness is being present in every moment. When we are present with whatever we are doing, we find joy in the simplest of things.
  • 6. What has been your biggest challenge and your greatest personal accomplishment?
    I gained more than 30 pounds after my second child. I was determined to get back into Yoga and worked extremely hard, and through a Holistic lifestyle, meditation, and Asanas practice, was able to get back into my peak form within six months. I have been teaching Yoga for more than eight years. Many of my students are still in touch with me and have built deep, meaningful relationships with them. I find it satisfying to help them in their journey, and when they share their lives with me, I feel blessed.
  • 7. What is your favorite yoga-related book?
    My favorite book is Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar. Amazon link here and all the three books of Aghora link here
  • 8. Other than practicing yoga, can you tell us about some of your wellness & self-care habits?
    I start my day by drinking Lemon water and doing 15 min of chanting and meditation. This is followed by 30 min of Asanas practice. I love eating whole foods and avoiding milk, wheat, and sugar. My diet consists of lots of veggies, fruits, juices, and green tea. I love long walks, especially when it is sunny outside.

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