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Wellness in the nature guaranteed..

My unique yoga retreats and holidays blend inner and outer discovery, traveling the world whilst you connect with yourself.

I love teaching retreats and watching how they transform people. Layers of stress, the momentum of responsibility, and the pressure of trying to keep up with modern life’s pace all fall away. Participants begin to relax into themselves in a more genuine way. They start to remember what’s true in their hearts and their lives. It’s quite beautiful to see everyone embodying their most natural selves by the end of the retreat.

I offer a variety of transformational yoga retreats, expertly guided yoga and meditation sessions, healthy & satvik food, and enough free time to relax and let your stresses fall away.

Mt Baker's Retreat

Join us on a group adventure in the Mt. Baker National Forest, where wildflower-riddled hillsides frame some of the most beautiful alpine scenery in the country. 

INDIA YOGA RETREAT - with Drishti Journeys

We invite you to come to Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, the home of ancient yogis, sages, and seers. This spiritual journey to the sacred banks of Ma Ganga is taking the journey back to your heart.

Aug 26


Mt. Baker National Forest

  March 2 

   12 Day – Journey to Birthplace India 



Join powerful workshops now!

We have the potential to feel more whole, more grounded, and to know ourselves and the world around us more fully with these upcoming workshops.

Hikes with Yoga on Tuesdays

We will go for moderate hikes near the Seattle area. We will meet in the parking lot at Costco in Redmond and drive to the trailhead from there. 

International Yoga Day Celebration

Move your whole bulk through a entire sequence of seated and standing yoga postures. Fashioned to challenge the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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Workshop on Chakras

Learn about the Chakras, the energy centers of the body.

Jun 26


Y6 Sammamish

Jun 7 onwards

In Person

Somewhere in mountains

Jun 22


425 Fitness

Learn the real skill needed..


Teachers Training
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Coming Soon

We're currently in the process of developing a series of online training programs for teachers. Fresh new programs coming up soon.

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